Healing Through Expression
Start with a blank canvas

Take a blank canvas and create an image
of what you see in your mind.

Healing Through Expression

Art has the ability to:

• Elevate psychological health, relieve stress, build confidence, facilitate emotional release, prevent memory loss, and even promote physical health.
• Help Veterans slow down and relax in order to deal with their situation more peacefully.
• Encourage creativity, which can lead to discovering an inner space of comfort.
• Make Veterans feel more empowered, valued, and able to deal with a task.
• Help Veterans express deeper feelings and frustrations without speaking.

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How Can Creative Art Help Me?

• Many times, our memories are stored as images in our bodies. So, to access these emotions and memories, we need to speak in their language – the language of images. Making art is a wonderful way to access emotional pain in a safe and mindful way.
• Art offers the unique opportunity to become completely immersed in self-expression.
• Art can provide ways to help overcome anxiety and depression.
• Art allows the freedom to play, experiment, problem solve, and safely process thought and emotions without criticism or attacking your self-worth.
• People use talk-therapy, but some don’t know that art can be even more helpful. It can be the language we need when no words seem to come.


These are coming collections we will be posting in the future. 
Please continue to check back for updates as artist send us their art work.

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